+1G Hemp flower roll


+1G Hemp flower roll 00003
Try the same high quality flower which we use for all of our products in a slow burning King Palm natural leaf roll. Each roll is hand packed and conatins over 1 gram of organic hemp flower. These hemp rolls are perfect for anyone who wants to experience a full flower hemp CBD smoke.
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+1G Hemp flower roll +1G Hemp flower roll +1G Hemp flower roll

Our process


We start with the highest quality hemp flowers. Organically grown in southern Oregon and dried /cured for 7 to 10 days


We exact 100% the cannabinoids, filter out any undesirable matter like fats or lipids and cure in a vacuum oven until we have a perfectly cured solvent free full spectrum hemp CBD oil.


We finish by introducing a custom blend of stream derived botanical terpenes. Our blend of terpenes help enhances the taset and therapeutic effects of Day Go CBD





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