Coconut-1000mg cartridge


Coconut-1000mg cartridge 00014

Flavor: Coconut

Our custom CBD & terpene formulations provide a unique experience of mental alertness with a calming body effect. This full spectrum cbd oil is extracted from living hemp plants and batches will vary in taste and effect. Experience the pleasant sensations and full benefits of the hemp plant and terpenes with this 1000mg (650mg of cbd) vape cartridge. We proudly use 0 filler(pg/vg) oil to create the highest possible hemp oil density.

Directions: Consume 3-5 slow puffs after a stressful day. Consume 2-3 puffs in a quiet or peaceful place to feel the sedative effects of hemp oil

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Add-a battery Red - 900mah 510 thread battery (5)
Coconut-1000mg cartridge Coconut-1000mg cartridge

Our process

We start with the highest quality hemp flowers. Organically grown in southern Oregon and dried /cured for 7 to 10 days
We exact 100% the cannabinoids, filter out any undesirable matter like fats or lipids and cure in a vacuum oven until we have a perfectly cured solvent free full spectrum hemp CBD oil.
We finish by introducing a custom blend of stream derived botanical terpenes. Our blend of terpenes help enhances the taset and therapeutic effects of Day Go CBD




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